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Rules And Regulations

I agree to abide by the following rules & regulations of the competition:

  1. All performances to be CLEAN with no vulgar language.
  2. All performers must arrive 1 hour before show starts.
  3. All performers upon arrival must report to the main HOST.
  4. All singing performers must provide 1 copy of the track on CD and 1 version on USB no multiple tracks on any versions.
  5. Only performers are allowed back stage.
  6. Presentable Attire is required
  7. Singers 2 songs only
  8. The competition is organized and promoted by Open Mic Canada, Inc. 
  9. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have your parent or legal guardian’s consent to enter the competition. The minimum age to enter the competition is 8.
  10. Participants must be a resident of Canada with valid identification.  I acknowledge that the company reserves the right to require at any time, my proof of identity and/or eligibility.
  11. All personal details and/or information given in your application either in this form or otherwise must be truthful, accurate and in no way misleading. 
  12. I agree to make myself available at such times and in such locations as may reasonably be required in respect of the competition, including rehearsals, publicity, press calls, photographs, recordings and/or other contributions etc.  I acknowledge that if I am unable to attend or take part in the competition I may at any time be disqualified from the competition.
  13. In the event I perform as part of the competition, any music and/or lyrics which are composed and/or written by me (“compositions”), I hereby warrant that such composition(s) wholly original to me, are not subject to any third party rights or encumbrances which have not been notified to Open Mic Canada prior to my performance of such composition(s) for the competition and the performance. Inclusion of such composition(s) as part of the competition does not infringe the rights of any third party nor any common law or statutory rights in any material.
  14. I hereby warrant that I have not entered into any commercial, sponsorship or other agreement or arrangement with any person, firm or company in respect of my entry in the competition and/or musical, musical writing and/or performing abilities and will not do so.
  15. I agree to observe all procedures and rules and obey all instructions in force or given by a member of Open Mic Canada and/or any location staff in connection with the competition and the management of the locations and the fire safety and security arrangements in those locations.
  16. I acknowledge that Open Mic Canada reserves the right to amend the rules (including, without limitation, verbally) or terminate the competition at any time without liability to me. 
  17. By submitting your application you are agreeing that from time to time our sponsors or associated companies may contact you with information regarding relevant services we feel may be of interest to you.  Should you not wish to receive further information from Open Mic Canada and associated companies about their services, please send an email to wit ‘opt-out’ as the subject
  18. Open Mic Canada reserves the right to disqualify any contestant if they supply untruthful, inaccurate or misleading personal details and/or information, have failed to abide by the rules and/or are in breach of the terms hereof.
  19. I agree to indemnify Open Mic Canada in respect of all actions, proceedings, claims, damages and other liabilities which may be brought against or incurred by Open Mic Canada as a result of the breach of any of my warranties, representations, obligations or undertakings contained in this agreement, or, in the event I am participating as part of a group, such breach by any other member of my group. 
  20. I acknowledge that the purpose of the competition is the search for talent and the competition will require contestants to perform before a panel of judges.  I understand the nature of the competition and in signing this agreement I hereby consent to the recording and use of my contribution to the competition on the terms and conditions herein stated.

Judging Criteria

The Final 3 contestants in each category or group will be evaluated and judged at the finals by points system“The Audience Attendants 50% and a Panel of Judges 50% on the following items”:Pitch, Timing, Tone, Articulation, Voice Control, Stage Presence, Connection with Audience, Choice of Song for Voice, Appearance, Full Use of Vocal Range. The judges’ decisions are final.

EVENT DETAILS The Top 10 of each age category will be competing at the finals. The categories include performers ages 8-16 as well as 16 and above, both bands and singers. The company will notify the participants that made it to the finals after 3 months. No filming, recording or photography will be permitted at the finals.

Prizes and awards – the final top 5 contestants in each category or groups will be awarded. Prizes may include a monetary, a record contract, awards and gifts. Judging there will be 2 parts: Audience 50% the assigned judge’s panel 50%
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